Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maps and Interesting Statistics

Click on any photo to see high-res versions.

Humidity 76%. Washington DC typical day. Believe it or not this photo
is of pm2.5 levels = 19 ug/m3 which is the annual avg for them.
Shreveport, LA, where I live, and in most cities in LA, this is also the
avg monthly level for 3 of the hottest summer months. Link to Cam

Humidity was 80% plus when this photo was taken!
Glacier National Park. See this post for more on this day.
Glacier cams here .

Visibility is severely affected by Aerosols/Fine Mass/Haze
pm2.5 and 10micron particles: Not as much by Humidity!

Global Sulfate levels...almost all from fuel
coal plants. Note heart disease and cancer is lowest in US in Puerto
Rico and Montana/Wyoming, and highest in Tenn./Kentucky. Also
for Europe the lowest heart disease death rate is in Spain and France
along with higher avge lifespan:

Global Nitrogen Oxide levels measured by thousands of daily
NASA Sciamachy Satellite observations from space. NO2 is almost
exclusively from fossil fuel combustion and a major component of

Another one showing space observed pollution or haze:

Heart Disease Death Rate 1990-1997. Look closely downwind
of SanFran/LA (prevailing winds are from SW, google: "wind rose").

White Male All Cancer Mortality Rate. Note: VERY high
in New Orleans/Mandeville area = West Virginia levels
that give it the title of "cancer alley" in the US. Prevailing
winds in Midwest are from NW, in TX from Southeast, giving
the logical corresponding "downwind" levels of cancer seen NE
of Dallas/FtWorth area, and dito for West Virginia. New Orleans
Mandeville cancer rate is estimated to be from it being
downwind of about 15 million people in the Houston/San-
Antonia/Austin/Baton Rouge areas. The jet stream at this
latitude always blows from the West (nw,sw or w).

Once again: a downwind looking correlation:
Especially NE of DallasFtWorth and SanFran/LA.

Estimated Premature Mortality Risk Attributable to pm2.5:

Ammonium Sulfate is mostly from car/truck/coal plant exhaust:

EPA PM2.5 monitor annual Avg Concentrations:

Annual Avg wind speed. Green is good...purple is very low.
Of course if winds are higher then your local haze blows on down-
wind to you neighboring states. Note how wind stillness correlates
so well with disease rates in the above maps.

Another Wind map:

Visibility map. If asia did not exist or if California had no
large populated areas, our West coast would be as sunny and clear
as Colorado and Utah.

Europe nighttime lights representative of population levels:

European pm2.5 levels:

Acidity of Rain from Fossil fuel emmisions mostly. Coke and
other soft drinks are about 4.2 !! and you know how corrosive
it is. Consider that you breathe about 60 liters of this air every
hour which can acidify YOU!

Black carbon is proven nasty carcinogenic stuff:

Coal plant and Auto exhaust production as measured
by the Mercury Deposition Network report to Congress:

Winter Flu Activity in January:


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