Saturday, June 10, 2006

This Haze is NOT Humidity or Water Vapor (Covered one last time!)

Let's start with yesterday: here's the humidity levels:
From Click on any photo to enlarge.

One can see that Yosemite (eastern Califonia midway along its length), Nashville, Charlotte West Virginia, St.Paul and Grand Portage (far Northern)Minnesotta, and Cheyenne Wyoming all have about the same Humidity give or take 5%, roughly 60-70%. Even Richfield Utah was 70-75%, with NW Montana at Glacier National Park having one of the highest levels of Water Vapor.

As the GASP AOD (aerosol optical depth) satellite photo shows: some of these cities are far worse in air quality than others:

So let's view the webcams of these areas from the same time of day:
Starting with my shot of Shreveport (NW corner of Louisiana) where we have it unusually clear:

Compared to Shreveport the morning before:

Charleston West Virginia looking commonly bad:

Nashville Tennessee also commonly bad:

Same for St.Paul Minnesotta:

But in Northern Minnesotta, which is very sparcely populated to Grand Portage, near Canada, we have far better conditions and visibility:

On to Richfield Utah, still same humidity levels remember:

Cheyenne Wyoming....very nice:

Yosemite National Park California:

Lastly, the best for last, Many Glacier Webcam of Glacier National Park in the far NW corner of Montana: (usually very good, and bad mostly when pollution blows in from Asia or the population centers of coastal Washington and Oregon.....Know that the Jet stream almost allways blows from a Westerly direction)

I hope this nails the coffin closed on this most common misconception, that what reduces the visibility and beauty of this great country (and world), pollutes our streams lakes rivers and crops with heavy metals, cancerous VOC's (volatile organic compounds like Benzene for one) among many other components, poisons the minds of children making them the unwilling recipients of a toxic brew of second hand smoke (proven to increase chances of birth defects, DNA damage, suicide, small head circumference, asthma, and SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]), personally causes chest pains, burning itchy eyes, headaches, mental fogginess, anxiety and just water vapor or humidity.

Check out tommorrows post to see where this buildup in Texas moves off to: Louisiana and Arkansas of course. Here it is at the end of today....poised and waiting as the High Pressure holds over Louisiana and Arkansas with it's clockwise circulating winds pushing SW keeping it stalled:

Click any picture to enlarge.

You can also see this buildup of PM in this visibile satellite photo from :

To see its projected path as the High pressure weakens and the jet stream effect prevails.....see this very neat daily animation from a NASA/EPA/NOAA product called IDEA (infusing satellite data into environmental applications).

Remember that photo above of Shreveport...a crappy Saturday June 08? Here's another product of IDEA that shows why it looked that way.....if only I could have been an hour Southwest of Dallas....Blue Skies and Clean air!


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