Sunday, July 15, 2007

Health Effects of Air Pollution: Suicide, Cancer, Small Head Circumference, Birth Defects, SIDS, Myocardial Infarct, you name it.

For any of the effects below, google the term..say suicide and
pm2.5 to get the links and articles. Results for this
example = Click Here.

Clinical depression & suicides, and apathy, which increases obesity.
Carbon Disulphide CS2, a common component of pm2.5, is a powerful
neurotoxin associated with behavioural disorders, memory
loss, and
elevated risks of suicide.
Houston has one of the highest obesity rates
w/a corresponding high pm2.5 level. Their hypothesis is that when

you feel bad w/headaches and increased systemic and cerebral
inflammation (documented with high corresponding avg c-reactive
protein levels for people in high pm2.5 cities)you eat to feel better.

Example of one universities focus on the connection b/w pollution and mental health:

"Environmental Medicine

Our laboratory utilizes epidemiological and biochemical approaches to conduct research in environmental toxicology. It is well recognized that the prolonged exposure of humans to arsenic and atmospheric PM2.5 results in cardiovascular diseases. Our recent field studies indicate that inorganic arsenate is contaminated as major arsenic in well water in an endemic area of arsenic poisoning in Inner Mongolia, China and that 9,10-phenanthraquinone is a major quinone contained in atmospheric PM2.5 in Los Angeles, USA. Subsequent experimental examinations demonstrate that these environmental chemicals both disrupt the systemic production of nitric oxide (NO) that plays an important role in vascular tone and up-regulate the oxidative stress associated with vascular dysfunction. The purpose of our next study is to attempt an intervention study for the improvement of endothelial dysfunction caused by arsenate and atmospheric PM2.5.
(Yoshito Kumagai)

Environmental Health

Our laboratory identifies the risk factors for stress-related disorders among researchers working in Tsukuba Science City. We propose an evidence-based solution for the mental health care system such as prevention of mood disorders and suicide.
(Ichiyo Matsuzaki)

Studies on protection against mitochondrial DNA damage, seizures induced by environmental substances, a potent producer of reactive oxygen species, including cyanide, kainic acid and paraquat using experimental animals.
(Hiro-aki Yamamoto)" Link

2. T-lymphocyte diversion to lungs with depletion causes
cot deaths, autism, MS, GBS

3. Attention deficit and other behaviour problems.

Lower IQ & educational achievement down 2 years, worse
GCSE grades. The association between head circumference
and pm2.5 is proven...makes since because we know this about
mothers who smoke during pregnancy, and pm2.5 is far more
toxic than cigarette smoke.

Asthma, COPD, viral & bacterial respiratory & other
infections (especially in boys)

6. Coronary heart disease, heart attacks,
strokes (click for link to one of many
Click images to enlarge.

Stroke Rate above compared to Annual avg pm2.5 levels.
note: the map on right does not include data from the EPA
system of monitors that would show the worse red level
12ug's and up would extend to NW LA and most of East TX.
Shreveport avg is 12.6ug's and in the summer months 17ug's
and up.

a. 76% increase in heart disease in women in Seattle area with
increase in particle pollution.
"The UW scientists found that an increase of 10 points in the PM2.5 levels increased a woman's risk of a heart attack or other "cardiovascular event" by 24 percent and risk of death from heart disease by 76 percent."
b. Google search for increase in heart attack rate with increase
in pm2.5 level> HERE.

.Diabetes type 2, sometimes type 1 Research shows that
when pm2.5 levels increase, diabetic glucose control is

destabilized. In other words when cellular malfuntion occurs it

increases insulin resistance w/ increased blood glucose.

Endometriosis and other hormone disruption.

Birth defects—terminations, live defects, miscarriages.
Google "birth defects pm2.5" results.

a. Residential proximity to traffic and adverse
birth outcomes in Los Angeles county 94-96.

"We observed an approximately 10–20%
increase in risk of preterm birth (both normal
and low weight) and term LBW in infants
born to women potentially exposed to high
levels of traffic-related air pollution, as represented
by distance-weighted traffic density

b. Air pollution linked to sperm damage:

Air pollution can damage sperm, potentially leading to birth defects or miscarriages, according to research published yesterday. Scientists said the results were a warning of the number of chemicals commonly present in the air that can cause damage to human DNA. "

10. CANCERS—nonHodgkins lymphoma, brain, breast, colon,
lung, prostate, kidney, liver etc Breast cancer for example can
be caused by faulty genes (2%), HRT (5%) radiation, OP pesticides
/herbicides, and from chimneys
cadmium, dioxins (& similar), & PAHs.


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